About us

Staffah takes all the pain out of hospitality recruitment and gives you access to the best of the best.

No more posting on multiple job sites, waiting for responses, reading terrible resumes, coordinating multiple schedules for interviews. No more interview no shows or dissapointment when someone that looked great on paper just doesn’t have the right skills to make you happy. No more reference checks calls that make you question why on earth they were listed as reference. No more fluff.


With Staffah we handpick and carefully curate a database of competent workers. We vet them, interview them, reference check and skill test them on actual jobs!

Therefore whether you need to hire someone full time or just to cover a sick day you have access to people who are ready to get the job done – on demand.

Normal Recruitment

Staffah Recruitment

Karina Belokamen CEO

I started my first staffing company 5 years ago and grew it into one of the biggest national agency’s in the country. I loved providing the highest quality staff for international luxury brands. However it pained me to see that the people who really needed us such as restaurants and bars just couldn’t afford to pay per hour and i couldn’t bring the prices down due to the admin costs.

That’s how i came up with the idea for Staffah, to share the admin burden so we can purely focus on having the best database of people. We find the best, and then companies contact and manage them directly.

With the support of   university accelerator we will be launching this platform towards the end of the year.

Please join our waitlist to be vetted as a company to gain access as soon as we launch. We are still accepting event bookings to skill test our candidates on jobs, and always put someone experienced to supervise when someone new is booked.

I’m so excited to be able to finally ease the pain of the restaurants, bars and catering companies that need us the most and appreciate your support in this journey!

All the best,