Common Questions

A: We provide waiters, bartenders, kitchen hands, brand ambassadors, hosts, event managers and admin staff for ALL functions. We have staffed everything from huge weddings and national retail promotions to small office parties, home barbeques and even just dish washers after a family dinner. Nothing is too big or small and we treat every booking with the same respect and importance.

A: Sure do. It’s best to get in touch with us directly if you have long hourly needs. We can also help with recruitment.

A: When we mention ‘standard’ staff what we mean is non specialized staff. The staff you would get when you are paying our starting prices. All of these staff are still experienced and vetted they just don’t have specialist skills such as event management, cooking, speed or cocktail bartending.

A: All of our staff can be looked at as event assistants. The waiters can also serve drinks and the bartenders can serve food. They are really there to help you in anyway possible. Some examples include setting up, heating, plating and serving food, tidying, serving basic drinks (anything but shaken cocktails), doing the dishes, cutting the cake, wiping tables, packing up etc. They are trained to take initiative and avoid asking questions, leaving you to kick back and enjoy your event!

A: Our standard staff start from $38ph, this covers all the basic jobs listed above. Our cocktail bartenders and event managers start from $45ph but we would recommend you get in touch to speak to us about your needs before booking these specialised options. Many of our staff are equipped to manage events whilst they are working so you may not need an extra person. These prices do not include travel time, which will apply if your event is more than 30min from the CBD driving. Volume discounts exist for ongoing shifts or weddings with multiple staff and hours.

A: You absolutely can and we often refer people to other companies that better suit their needs. Our clients come to us to save time and for peace of mind. We treat out staff properly so they are loyal to us and think twice about cancelling last minute or doing a poor job. Strangers that you hire for one off jobs from online marketplaces do not have the same loyalty or reason to perform properly. They often cancel last minute if a better job comes along. Our staff are experienced, they turn up, dress professionally and are eager to impress. Furthermore, if something does happen we are on standby to chat and do everything we can to send someone else if necessary. We don’t just cancel your job and give you a refund leaving you short handed like other companies. At the end of the day you get what you pay for!


A: You simply cannot expect the same standard of work ethic from a volunteer as you do a paid worker. Furthermore, common sense isn’t so common these days and even the most menial of tasks can take a while to explain to people who haven’t worked in this industry before. However it’s not just the hospitality industry but rather in an events capacity. Some people have worked at a restaurant before where they were constantly told what to do and didn’t need to take any initiative. Our staff work together most weekends at functions just like yours so you don’t need to stand over them directing them, you can just relax and enjoy your event.

A: We have fantastic people in every state of Australia. Most of our staff live in the inner metro areas so anything from 30min to 1 hour from your CBD will incur a one way travel fee. For instance if your event is 45 min from CBD then you will be charged for an additional 45 minutes on top of your total booking time. We don’t charge both ways as the staff are expected to travel some time to their jobs with the one way fee covering a portion of their 90min commute time and petrol. If your event is an hour or more from CBD we do charge both ways to properly compensate the staff for their travel. If we did not do this then the calibre of staff you would receive would drop dramatically. Good staff will not travel for a whole hour uncompensated when they have other options locally. If you are getting many staff members we can reduce this cost by organising car pools.

We calculate the travel time by putting a central landmark in the CBD in google maps and calculating the time it would take to drive to your location. We use the ‘leaving at’ function in google maps to take into account traffic.

A: We recruit predominately through the referrals of other staff that we trust. We also have partnerships with universities and training organisations and help train new people. Occasionally we put the call out on other recruitment platforms but then we personally interview them and make sure they are competent. If someone is new to Staffah they will always be accompanied by an experienced member of the team.

A: First and foremost we look for someone with the right attitude, someone who can take initiative, work unsupervised and genuinely enjoys making sure people are having a good time. Then we look at their previous work experience, their skills and check their references. Finally we test them on the job and they are onboarded formally if they get good reviews from the client and their peers. 

A: Our standard uniform is a white business shirt and black suit pants or black pencil skirt to the knee. We can accommodate any changes to suit your theme, just get in touch. 

A: We do provide volume discounts for ongoing shifts under a contract. We also have a marketplace membership option in which you can hire as many vetted people as you want for $100p/m. We do the hard work finding and vetting amazing talent and you take it from there rostering and paying them yourself.

A: You can book standard staff through the booking calendar here [LINK] or emailing with your event date, location (street, suburb and state), how many staff you need, and the booking start and end time. If you need cocktail bartenders or specialist staff please email and include a description of what you will need them to do. We will then determine if travel time applies and send you an invoice. To lock in the event we require a non refundable deposit of 30% with the balance due 1 week prior to your event. This is when our rosters are done and our best staff are allocated on a first come first served basis!

A: You will receive your staff contact details the week of your function as well as a managers number in case of any problems. If you are running a big event we may get in touch to help you put together a run sheet and make sure the staff are briefed on it before.

A: We require a non refundable 30% deposit with the balance due 1 week before the event. Cancellations within 48 hours aren’t entitled to a refund as all staff will be paid. They are locked in and forgo other working opportunities. Anything outside this window will be refunded minus the 30% deposit.

A: Yes of course, it’s your event and we want every detail to be perfect. We understand the importance of branding for retailers and welcome you to be as specific as needed – we will do everything we can to accommodate your requests.

A: We will get in touch to allocate a contact person for the staff on the night should there be any questions. We will ask for a runsheet beforehand if needed to minimize these. The contact person will also be responsible for any issues between the staff and your guests on the evening. Disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in the staff leaving with no refund. In the unlikely event of such an incident, the staff member will report it to the contact person and they will be responsible for sorting it out and keeping the staff safe. If the matter persists and the safety of the staff cannot be ensured they will contact us and we may advise them to leave.

A: This is extremely rare but can obviously happen. We are always on call during your shift time. Your waiters should be there 10 minutes early so if they aren’t there at the booking time let us know immediately and we will can someone else. We normally have to pay that second person considerably more but we do it out of pocket so that we can fulfil our obligations to you. If we cannot find someone else you will be refunded for that waiter. Most of our clients say that their favorite thing about us is we are always available to call if something happens, unlike an app or agency’s that shut before your event starts, you will always have a human to talk to if any problems arise. 

A: Our waiters are covered by public liability insurance. Not all of them have police checks or WWC checks as most of our clients don’t require them. Please touch base if that is something that you need. The vast majority of our staff have RSA’s but if your venue requires this as a necessity please notify us before so that we can send the RSA in advance.

A: We can absolutely help and have good relationships with other suppliers so we can get you good trade rates for other products and services. Touch base for customised event management packages big and small.

A: We personally do not hire out glasses and have not found a reliable company to endorse. We have found it is more cost effective in most instances to buy the glasses and hire an extra person to wash them throughout the night then it is to rent them, and pay for delivery, pick up and cleaning.

A: No problem, we actually love connecting with our customers. Please feel free to call 1300 01 01 70 anytime between 10am-10pm or send us an email with a good time to contact you and we will give you a call!

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